Aquatic weed problems get the most attention from pond owners.  They make the lake look awful. They also hamper fishing, swimming and boating.  A small amount of aquatic weeds in the lake may be beneficial to fish populations, but when once out of control, it can be difficult to regain control (and expensive).  You should control what kind, how many and where aquatic weeds are allowed to inhabit your lake.

There are three tools commonly used to combat aquatic weeds: biological (fish that eat plants, fertilizer), chemical (herbicides), or mechanical (shading dyes, weed rakes, deepening pond edges).  We are licensed dealers in triploid grass carp and licensed commercial applicators for herbicides.  We are insured and bonded.  We correctly identify the weed and work with your budget to eliminate it from the lake.  It usually takes a couple of years to completely rid aquatic weed problems from lakes (seeds may lie dormant for years).

There are several web sites that may supply additional information.