One of the easiest ways to get instant satisfaction from your pond or lake is to stock a load of Coppernose bluegill and set up an automatic fish feeder to create your own feeding frenzy.   The important characteristics of a fish feeder are that it is dependable (the fish are counting on it!), it works with little or no maintenance, it has the capacity to hold enough feed until you can come back and fill it. 

Feeding programs can be used either one of two ways.  The easiest way (and cheapest) is to use fish feeders to congregate fish for entertainment / angling at your favorite spot (they put on a great show!).  The second is to try and improve the growth and size of the bluegill in the lake as a whole.  This may require several well located feeding stations and great attention to feeding activity, adjusting feeders as necessary.  We try and feed an average of 1-6 pounds per acre per day!

Feeders should be located in an area that is easy to access by land for refilling (feeders sit on the shore and throw feed out into the water).  Ideal locations are at least 3-4 feet deep with access to deeper water nearby.  Make sure the predominant winds don’t blow the feed ashore thereby unnecessarily exposing the fish to predation from wading birds.  We like to feed small amounts at regular intervals throughout the day.  The fish should eat it all within 15-20 minutes.  When the water is cold you may only feed once or twice a day at midday.  Once the water warms up we feed 5-6 times a day!  We want the fish waiting at the feeder for the next chance to eat!  You might sink some structure nearby for the fish to hide in.

We are dealers for Texas Hunter Products and Sweeney Feeders.  We can set you up with the right feeder for your needs (fish, deer or turkey).  We will help you use it to your best advantage.  Buy your feeders from us but you can view the products on their websites!


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