Fertilizing a lake is the most cost effective way to make your lake hold more fish. An unfertilized lake holds about 50-100 pounds of fish per acre while a fertilized lake holds 300-500 pounds of fish per acre! Fertilizing not only makes the fishing much better but can keep your lake free of aquatic weeds and algae. The lake should be fertilized from March through October and usually needs repeated applications every two to three weeks.

We use a 10-52-4 water soluble fertilizer that produces an excellent bloom, is easy to apply and stores well. The best thing about this fertilizer is that it has our telephone number on it and we will help you learn how to apply it correctly. Your lake may need to be limed before adding fertilizer…see our liming page.

We also have a fertilizer route and can apply fertilizer for you (see map). We visit the lake every two weeks and add the needed amount of fertilizer. Pretty nice having a fisheries biologist visit your lake every two weeks…..