Lakes in the southeastern US are monomictic, which means each summer as the water is warmed by sunlight, the water on top of the lake becomes warm and cool water sinks to the bottom of the lake.  The warm upper layers of water hold most of the oxygen in the lake and the cool dark water beneath has very little oxygen. 

The problem occurs when a violent storm causes these separate layers in the lake to suddenly mix and voila!  You have a sudden destratification and accompanying fish kill.  This can be a freak accident caused by an atypical storm or could be that the lake is prone to these events because of its location or design. 

We offer “insurance” that will minimize or prevent this from happening to your lake.  Many of our customers have invested a great deal of time and money into building a great fishery and will not allow this sort of event to take it away from them.  We can design a system of diffusers that will keep the water in your lake circulating  which will minimize any effects from such a storm.  It also enhances the appearance of the water in the lake and provides a healthier ecosystem for your fish.